" 30 years of experience all coming together; using technology to connect and assure you reach your health care goals. Laurie is knowledgable about current nutrition issues and is effective as she is able to apply them to your culture and lifestyle .Her diabetes expertise as a certified diabetes educator is remarkable. Impressive results with  Diabetes and Heart Healthy Concepts."

Jason Baker MD
Weill Cornell Physicians New York, New York

" In my 20-some-year career as a pediatric endocrinologist, few people stand up in my mind as making significant contributions in patient's lives.  Laurie was one of them.  Beyond her tremendous knowledge on nutrition, Laurie brings in her work an "infectious" enthusiasm and endless creativity that help her clients reach their goals.  As a testament to these qualities, Laurie developed and run a wonderful, and hugely successful,  12- week healthy weight program aimed to educate kids and teens on healthy nutrition choices while she served as a the nutritionist in Peds endocrinology at Weill Cornell Medical College.  If you are looking for learn about nutrition in a fun and effective way, Laurie is your person. "

Maria Vogiatzi, MD
Associate Professor
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

" You can trust that Laurie will work with your family to provide individualized nutrition advice.She is professional and personable, and works closely with families to help make necessary lifestyle changes. She is a dietitian and certified diabetes educator  that understands both pediatric and adult diet/nutrition concepts in health and disease states, and can relay the information to children in an age-appropriate way that is fun and actionable for them. "

Zoltan Antal, MD
Chief of Pediatric Endocrinology
New York-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Weill Medicine

" When I first visited Laurie Block, I was recently diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes, learnt that I had suffered a ‘silent’ heart attack, and was suffering through IBS.  I was taking two medicines for my diabetes, twice a day and was an unhappy camper.  Laurie, through a series of positive reinforcement and guidance, changed my outlook and my life.  Within six months, I was down to one medicine for my diabetes and after 9 months, I was off of all of my meds for diabetes and maintained a healthy A1C level of under 6.  I dropped around 20 pounds through her guidance and support, and managed to lower my blod lipids to well under 130, without missing any thing in my diet, and I was introduced to the FOD map, which has helped me control my IBS.  Laurie was and is a great influence on my life these days, I always think before eating anything, what would she say.  Laurie guided me through possible menus for meals, giving me alternative things to ea, and making many wonderful suggestions.  This was a real positive experience, never was I scolded for minor or major slipping from my diet. Laurie managed to seriously change my life for the better and I am most appreciative of that."

Peter G.2017

"Laurie is an experienced RD with great background in assisting patients with diabetes. She is creative, caring and thoughtful in her approach. "

Athena Philis-Tsimikas, MD
Corporate Vice President
Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute La Jolla, CA

"Diligent and Dedicated to the profession of dietetics  I have  had the pleasure of working and creating The Kids and Teens Weight Management Program with Laurie Block. at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, New York.  With innovative approaches to nutrition she  connects not only with children and teens but changes the  way families think about food and nutrition. "

Marisa Censani MD
Director of Pediatric Obesity Program
Weill Cornell Medicine New York , New York

" As a fellow Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator I have known Laurie Block for over 25 years. She is one of the most dedicated passionate health professionals I have ever met. She is truly compassionate for patients  and goes above and beyond what most other practitioners do. Laurie is  creative in her education techniques and works with many different lifestyles, education levels and cultures. You can be sure she will help you reach your health care goals. "

Martha McKittrick, RDN, CDE, CHWC
Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator,
Wellcoach®-Certified Health and Wellness Coach

" Laurie is an excellent dietitian who connects deeply with her patients and helps them make positive health and nutrition changes. She's warm, intelligent and caring ; wonderful practitioner ,colleague with a tremendous amount of experience in weight management and diabetes. "

Vanessa Costa, MS, RDN
KIND Snacks

" Laurie Block A Registered Dietitian and CDE that I have known for 25 years will be sure to change the way you think about food, exercise and will help you develop a positive body image while helping you reach your health care goals. "

Geralyn Coopersmith
Exercise Physiologist
CCoCO Flywheel Sports