Update and Edits- Type 1 Diabetes Cookbook

Update and Edits- Type 1 Diabetes Cookbook

Thanks so much for purchasing the Type 1 Diabetes Cookbook

After reviewing the book I wanted to clarify a few things and am working with the publisher to make the necessary changes.

Page 5 and 6 discusses Multiple Dose  Injections. I wanted to make it clear that there are 2 formulas. One is the insulin carb ratio that determines how much insulin you will need depending upon how much carb you will eat. The second formula is the Correction Factor also known as the Insulin Sensitivity Factor. This calculation is needed to correct  blood sugars that may be elevated before eating.

The correction is to be sure that one know the ISF is the correction factor and the other calculation is the insulin carb ratio.

Page 6 Insulin Pens

The safety needle called the BD duo will help to conceal the needle on the insulin pens, not perfectly but it does help

Page 8 Glucose Meters
The device that is used to help monitor blood sugar is called a lancing device, although many do call it a penlet.